Varun's Home Page


Work -- I am employed at Information Sciences Institute. It is a fun place to work in, with lots of excellent research and smart ppl.

Me -- I graduated from the University of Southern California. After graduation, I joined the Intelligent Systems Division @ the above mentioned organization now.

More about Work -- I am in the IKCAP group. (Click! to find out what it means). I've been involved in a few projects while i've been here. Of late, I have been involved with Computational Workflow Systems ( Wings ), and ToDo Lists ( BEAMER ). In case you haven't figured out from the excellent webpage ( ;-P ) , i also design web interfaces. So, a lot of tankering around with LAMP based systems, though my recent projects have been Java based.

Personal Interests -- My interests include designing themes for linux/windows, crashing the computer every fortnight, spending the weekend recovering it, Cricket, Music --different genres of music. In my younger days, i used to prefer metal, to drown down the disciplinary voices of society. And then, the rebellious sounds of punk. And later still, the psychedelic tunes of trance. Now, i listen to all of them to remember the past (Ack ! i'm getting old).

Khatam ;-)