About Browsing ANT Census Datasets

Complementing our small poster of the Internet address space and our plot of the entire internet at scale (one square is one host), we've made a 4-billion address browsable Internet address map by combining our datasets with an OpenLayers (Google-maps-style) web frontend.

This map combines our averaged maps of the Internet address space (from the small poster) with, when you zoom in, the individual addresses (from the large poster). Averaged addresses appear with a black background, while individual addresses appear against a white background.

Please note that individual addresses are permuted to preserve the anonymity of individual host responses.

Credits and Support Information for Our Work

Support for this work is through DHS contract NBCHC040137 (the LANDER project, 2004-2007) and DHS contract NBCHC080035 ( LANDER-2007, starting in 2007) as part of the PREDICT program, through DHS contract 09-C-0081 (the AMITÉ project through CyberSecurity R&D, and NSF contract CNS-0626606 (the MADCAT project). Conclusions of this work are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of sponsors.

This browsable interface was developed by Yuri Pradkin using the OpenLayers toolkit, from several PREDICT datasets, including PREDICT ID USC/LANDER internet_address_survey_it15w-20061108 and internet_address_survey_it23w-20081125. The data is processed by Hadoop, building on our prior work. Our use of Google maps was inspired by prior work by Evan Cooke.

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