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Michael Witbrock
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"Teaching Cyc to Fish"   Visionary Talk

04/01/05: 10:00 AM, webcast
11th Floor Small and Large Conference Rooms
Host: Patrick Pantel, schedule

Abstract: For the past twenty years, human beings have been painstakingly adding formally represented knowledge to Cyc. This knowledge base has been usefully applied to several real-world and research problems, and is intended to approach the eventual goal of a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence. One of the original premises of the Cyc project was that one could only acquire knowledge from a base of knowledge; you can't learn anything unless you know something. We're now in a position to apply that premise. In this talk, I'll describe the Cyc system, and how we are applying its current knowledge base, NL capability, and inference power to the problem of automating knowledge acquisition.

About Michael Witbrock: Dr. Michael Witbrock (Cycorp), has a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, and currently is Vice President for Research at Cycorp. Before joining Cycorp, in 2001, to direct its knowledge formation and dialogue processing efforts he had been Principal Scientist at Terra Lycos, working on integrating statistical and knowledge based approaches to understanding web user behaviour, a research scientist at Just Systems Pittsburgh Research Center, working on statistical summarization, and a systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon on the Informedia spoken document information retrieval project. He also performed dissertation work in the area of speaker modeling. He is author of numerous publications in areas ranging across neural networks, parallel computer architecture, multimedia information retrieval, web browser design, genetic design, computational linguistics and speech recognition.

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