Gigabits Networking Research (GIGA) Project


Current tasks

The Gigabits Networking Research effort includes these current tasks on high speed networking:

[DOT]Multimedia Teleconferencing (MMCONF)

[DOT] Infrastructure Support Activities (INFRA)

[DOT] Reservation Protocol (RSVP)

[DOT]Internet Naming and Directory Extensions (MINDEX)

[DOT]Basic Open ATM Technology (BOAT)

[DOT]ARPA Support for IETF (ASI)


Completed tasks

The Gigabits Networking Research effort also included these completed tasks:

[DOT] Atomic -- early investigation into a gigabit speed LAN (ATOMIC)

[DOT] PC-Atomic -- porting the early Atomic LAN hardware interface to the 486 platform (PCATOMIC)

[DOT] Tunnel -- protype development of an IP level filtering firewall

[DOT] ZAPT -- prototype development of multimedia teleconferencing on NeXT computers

Note that the Atomic effort has evolved and grown, now supported by the NAAAN contract in two related efforts (ATOMIC2) and (NETSTATION).

Other developments begun under the GIGA contract are also receiving further attention under the TNT contract, see RSVP2, SPT, and NIA. The BOAT effort is related to the new RAISE contract.


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