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Thu Nov 13 12:25:10 PST 2003 YOID release v2.
Attention: this is a pre-release. For now only source code is released. YOID v2 is NOT COMPATIBLE with YOID v1. Release info will be updated after migration to a new server (soon).
Grab the newer source here: YOID v2

The YOID project is happy to announce the first release of the YOID software. This initial release of Yoid provides a distribution service that can mimic IP multicast functionality at the application layer. To demonstrate the utility of this feature, we offer the ability to run the common IP multicast-based audio/video conferencing tools over Yoid. This allows users to perform multi-party conferencing with participants that do not have access to native IP multicast services. Additional, we provide the ability to gateway an IP multicast group into and out of a Yoid distribution tree. This can be used to construct a multi-party conference which includes heterogeneous participants where some are IP multicast connected and others rely on Yoid to multicast over an unicast infrastructure.

The various scripts included in this release (ywb, yrat, yvat and yvic) are only "wrappers" around the original software (wb, rat, vat and vic) and if you don't have them installed, you'll need to get them first.

This release contains full source code as well as pre-compiled binaries for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris, which are covered by this LICENSE.

A Majordomo mailing list has been established for the purpose of giving users' feedback to the developers as well as exchanging experiences with other YOID users. To subscribe, send email to majordomo@isi.edu with subscribe yoid-users <your email address> in the body of the email. The email address is optional (if it is different from the address you are sending the subscription request from) and no brackets are needed around it.

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