Rapid Batch Manufacturing of True 3-D Micro-Devices

What is EFAB?

EFAB is a a new technology for the rapid production of micro-devices previously impossible to make.

EFAB is being commercialized by MEMGen Corporation of Burbank, California. Please see www.MEMGen.com for the latest information.


A 23-layer micro-transformer built with EFAB on an insulating substrate (courtesy MEMGen Corporation).


EFAB makes possible for the first time
batch fabrication of extremely complex, arbitrary 3-D micro-devices having features far smaller than a human hair. EFAB can produce an unlimited variety of micromachines, including complex microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) on a chip that combine tiny mechanisms with microelectronics.

EFAB promises to enable totally new micro-miniaturized products (e.g., instruments for minimally-invasive surgery).

EFAB was initially invented at the
USC/Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and developed at ISI and the University of Southern California Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The Need for EFAB

How EFAB Works

EFAB Applications

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A small household ant lies over a 12-layer micro-chain with independently-movable links,
fabricated in nickel in a single process without the need for assembly.
The chain is about is ~100 microns high (about the thickness of a sheet of paper)



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EFAB is a trademark of MEMGen Corporation