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Craig A. Knoblock
 Director of Information Integration 
 Information Sciences Institute 
 Research Professor 
 Department of Computer Science 
 University of Southern California 
  Craig A. Knoblock, Ph.D., is the Director of the Information Integration Research Group, which currently includes about 20 full-time computer scientists, researchers, software engineers and graduate students. He also holds a joint appointment as a Research Professor in the Computer Science Department, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, where he advises Ph.D. and M.S. students and teaches courses on Information Integration.  
  Dr. Knoblock is the cofounder and Chief Scientist of a startup on geospatial data integration Geosemble Technologies.  
 Recent News  
  May 2012  
  Pedro Szekely and Craig Knoblock received a research grant from the Smithsonian American Art Museum to map the data about their art collection to the Linked Open Data cloud.  
  February 2012  
  The paper titled Semi-Automatically Mapping Structured Sources into the Semantic Web by Knoblock, Szekely, Ambite, et al. was accepted to ESWC 2012!  
  January 2012  
  Fetch Technologies, an ISI spinoff founded by Steve Minton, Yigal Arens, and Craig Knoblock, was sold to Connotate Technologies!  
  Craig Knoblock was appointed to the search committee for a new Executive Director of ISI  
  December 2011  
  Craig Knoblock accepted the position of Conference Chair for the 2012 ACM SIGSPATIAL Conference to be held in Redondo Beach, CA. Start planning those papers!  
  November 2011  
  Pedro Szekely, Rahul Parundekar, and Craig Knoblock all attended the ISWC 2011 conference in Bonn, Germany, where Craig presented the paper on Interactively Mapping Data Sources into the Semantic Web at the Workshop on Linked Science and Rahul presented the paper on Aligning Unions of Concepts in Ontologies of Geospatial Linked Data at the Workshop on Terra Cognita.  
  October 2011  
  Yao-Yi Chiang and Craig Knoblock had their paper titled A General Approach for Extracting Road Vector Data from Raster Maps accepted to the International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition  
  August 2011  
  The IJCAI Trustees appointed Craig Knoblock as the President of IJCAI after completing his term as the 2011 IJCAI Conference Chair  
  July 2011  
  Rattapoom Tuchina, Craig Knoblock, and Pedro Szekely published their article on Building Mashups by Demonstration in the ACM Transactions on the Web