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Kristina Lerman
 Project Leader 
 Information Sciences Institute 
 Research Associate Professor 
 Department of Computer Science 
 University of Southern California 
  Kristina Lerman is a Project Leader at the Information Sciences Institute and holds a joint appointment as a Research Associate Professor in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Computer Science Department. Her research focuses on applying network- and machine learning-based methods to problems in social computing.  
  She also was principal organizer of the 2008 American Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Social Information Processing Symposium.  
 Research Interests  
  Social Networks: complex systems, dynamic networks, mathematical analysis, multi-agent systems.  
  Social Computing: social web and social media, learning from social annotation, social dynamics.  
  Artificial Intelligence: machine learning, semantic modeling, statistical text analysis.  
 Recent News  
  May 2014  
  I am a program chair for SocInfo2014. We are accepting papers that on computational social sciences. Please see the call for papers for details.  
  March 2014  
  "The Simple Rules of Social Contagion" exploring the role of cognitive constraints (e.g., limited attention, position bias, social influence) on information diffusion in social media published by Nature Scientific Reports.  
  "Network Weirdness: Exploring the Origins of Network Paradoxes" will be presented at ICWSM. It demonstrates a much stronger paradox in social networks: most of your friends are more popular (and more active, interesting, etc) than you are.  
  January 2014  
  Mathematics of Social Learning workshop with James Fowler, Cosma Shalizi and many others was a huge success. Check out the program of great talks.