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Mastermind is sponsored by DARPA's Information Technology Office.

Project Description

The Mastermind Project is creating advanced tools and development methodologies for a new generation of HCI software. Mastermind reduces the difficulty and risk of user-system interface development through: (1) support for the complete interface lifecycle starting with initial, ill-structured phases of requirements definition; (2) easy exploration of design alternatives, including evolution via reuse and customization of pre- existing components; (3) advanced run-time services utilizing knowledge preserved from design-time; and (4) simplified maintenance of the software and its help/tutorial systems as the system evolves.

Papers and Reports

Project People

Mastermind is being developed jointly at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center (GVU).

Principal Investigator: Pedro Szekely (ISI)

Others: David Devila (GVU), Martin Frank (ISI), Spencer Rugaber (GVU), Kurt Stirewalt (GVU)

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