Peter Will

Short Profile

February 27, 1995

Peter Will, BSc (EE), Ph.D. both from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland joined IBM in 1964 and worked in robotics, vision, tactile and force sensing, chip and wafer inspection, LANDSAT rectification, image and audio processing and compression. He started and managed the IBM Research activity on robotics, 3-D geometric modeling, high level robot task languages, and path planning that resulted in the IBM RS/1 robot in 1982. He was awarded the Engelberger Prize in robotics in 1990. In the early 1980's, he joined Schlumberger to direct the Design/Manufacturing Interface for instrumentation for down-hole oil well evaluation. He subsequently directed work on Artificial Intelligence for oil exploration at the Schlumberger-Doll Research Center and VLSI Systems at Schlumberger/Fairchild Research. Joining Hewlett Packard in 1987, he directed the HP Labs' Manufacturing Research Center working on scheduling, design for manufacturability, microassembly of microwave MCM's, and systems for board and computer MCM assembly. In 1988, he was given additional responsibility for the Measurement and Manufacturing Center and directed work on III-V semiconductors, photonics and high speed circuits, superconductivity, analytical chemistry and medical instrumentation, in addition to manufacturing. There an activity was started on micromechanics for handling, identifying and measuring small quantities of liquids and macromolecules. He was Director of Design Systems from 1991-2, producing a ten year plan for HP. He joined ISI/USC in June 1992 to manage the High Performance Computing and Communications Division with a mandate that included initiating work with a broad charter in manufacturing systems. Recently Dr. Will has put together a new division called the Enterprise Integration Systems Division in which he is building programs dealing with the integration and optimization of electronic and microelectromechanical product design and manufacturing, precision assembly, and electronic commerce.