News - 2013

NOVA: Protecting Against a 'Cyber Pearl Harbor'

November 18, 2013 Terry Benzel and ISI's DeterLab develop security to thwart hackers Read More >

LA Times: NBA Teams Using On-Court Metrics to Score More

November 4, 2013 Rajiv Maheswaran and Yu-Han Chang analyze data to improve performance Read More >

A Better Search for Cures

October 14, 2013 In the past, genetics researchers had to find hundreds of people for every study they started. Now, the USC Information Sciences Institute has reduced that search to a few keystrokes. Read More >

Bankrate Reports on the Benefits and Risks of Bitcoin Investment

October 7, 2013 ISI's Jelena Mirkovic explains what bitcoins are and how they work Read More >

Sure, You Liked Mad Men, But Did it Change Your Life?

October 3, 2013 USC Viterbi and Annenberg schools measure media impact. Read More >

USC ISI Advances to Next Round for Federal Manufacturing Initiative Proposal

September 23, 2013 USC Viterbi's ISI leads CA effort in Pres. Obama's NNMI Initiative Read More >

Enterprising Engineers

August 27, 2013 The USC Viterbi Startup Garage, a business venture for engineering-led new student businesses, aims to create the next Facebook in Los Angeles. Read More >

Bank Info Security Reports on the New USC Viterbi Master's Degree in Cyber Security

August 16, 2013 USC ISI's Winnie Callahan discusses the growing field of cyber security Read More >

Moving ISI to New Levels of Excellence

July 1, 2013 Former Raytheon Executive Prem Natarajan Takes the Helm of ISI Read More >

USC Viterbi Joins Northrop Grumman Cybersecurity Research Consortium

May 20, 2013 Northrop Grumman and USC Viterbi join forces to combat cyber security threats Read More >

USC Viterbi Offers New Master's Program in Cyber Security

May 20, 2013 This fall, USC Viterbi students can pursue a Master's degree in Cyber Security Read More >

Gen. Petraeus Appointment to USC Includes Affiliation with USC Viterbi and ISI

May 2, 2013 Retired Gen. David Petraeus is named Judge Widney Professor at USC, an appointment affiliated with USC Viterbi and other USC schools Read More >

On Twitter, More Friends Means Less (Effective) Information

May 1, 2013 Researchers find that, the more friends a user follows on Twitter, the less information they see and absorb Read More >

USC Receives $3.25 Million for New Media Impact Study

May 1, 2013 The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation finance a study for the Norman Lear Center and USC Viterbi to measure the actual impact of media Read More >

USC Viterbi Leads the Way at the DARPA "Perfect Program"

April 26, 2013 The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded USC more contracts than any other university in the nation. Read More >

A Loss of Words

April 15, 2013 USC Viterbi's David Chiang hopes to preserve dying languages for their cultural and scientific value. Read More >

USC Viterbi Alumnus Nominated for 2013 European Inventor of the Year Award

April 12, 2013 Philipp Koehn (PhD '03) is nominated for his work in machine translation Read More >

Second Spectrum: MEPC 2013 Winner

April 3, 2013 Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition (MEPC) Announces Winners Read More >

The Engineer, The Economist and Six Billion Medicare Records

April 1, 2013 A mountain of data: analyzing every Medicare record since 1965, Professors Kesselman and Goldman may provide new insights on health care. Read More >

Viterbi Startup Garage Launched to Stimulate Tech Marketplace in Los Angeles

March 26, 2013 USC Viterbi, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and United Talent Agency launch an LA-based technology accelerator Read More >

Terry Benzel Testifies Before Congress About Cybersecurity Research

March 8, 2013 Cybersecurity expert Terry Benzel addressed members of Congress about cyber security research and development. Read More >

Hackers, Beware

February 13, 2013 NBC's Pete Williams reports USC Viterbi is one of a handful of schools in the nation developing cyber security curriculum and degrees. Read More >

President Obama Awards the National Medal of Science to a USC Viterbi School Legend

February 1, 2013 Communications pioneer and mathematical genius Solomon Golomb receives the nation's top honor for scientists Read More >

Viterbi School Leads DOE-Funded Effort to Make Supercomputing More User-Friendly

January 25, 2013 Robert Lucas of the Information Sciences Institute will direct the $15M SUPER initiative, which will include 10 other elite universities and laboratories Read More >

ASEE Prism Asks, "To Stay, or Not to Stay?"

January 23, 2013 Dean Yannis C. Yortsos Lends Expert Observations on U.S.'s "Reverse Brain Drain" Conundrum Read More >

Coast to Coast: Hurricane Sandy's Destruction Reverberates at USC ISI

January 8, 2013 In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and doubled Internet outages, USC ISI's John Heidemann leads his team on improving coverage techniques Read More >

Spring 2013: Happy New Year

January 7, 2013 Happy New Year Message to the Viterbi family of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends! Read More >

ABC 7: Snapchat Raises Privacy Concerns

January 5, 2013 Terry Benzel addresses safety concerns with Snapchat app Read More >