News - 2017

Yigal Arens Receives Digital Government Honor

April 27, 2017 ISI Intelligent Systems Division Director Yigal Arens has been honored for distinguished service by the Digital Government Society (DGS), which fosters innovative deployment of technology and information to support public policy, upgrade government operations and engage citizens worldwide. Read More >

What's Going On: Of Bots and Human Behavior

April 27, 2017 Emilio Ferrara's research on social bots was compelling even before the current Congressional investigations into likely Russian hacks surrounding the 2016 US presidential election. Read More >

What's Going On: Handling Sensor Changes and Failures

April 18, 2017 Craig Knoblock is best known for research on a large scale: semantic alignment of data in the widely used open-source tool called Karma, geospatial mapping techniques used by the Army in Iraq, collaboration on a commercial web data extraction platform, and recent, groundbreaking progress on international human trafficking with Pedro Szekely. Read More >

What's Going On: Teaching Data Science with Data Science

March 28, 2017 Call it (data science)2. In a February, 2017 seminar, Jose Luis Ambite described a project that uses data science—a concept unifying statistics, data analysis, related methods and their results—to teach biomedical researchers about data science. Read More >

Twitter Bot Analysis Receives Wide Media Coverage

March 16, 2017 An analysis of Twitter bots led by ISI's Emilio Ferrara is garnering high-profile media coverage around the globe. Read More >

What's Going On: Heterogeneous Computing

March 9, 2017 Andrew Schmidt is in favor of lowering entry barriers in computing-intensive fields, where fewer obstacles translate into faster innovation. Read More >

Bradley Fidler Named Postel Scholar

March 7, 2017 Bradley Fidler, an Internet researcher and historian at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), has been appointed a visiting scholar at ISI's Postel Center for Experimental Networking. Read More >

Spanish Newspaper Features ISI Fake Bots Analysis

February 15, 2017 Emilio Ferrara's work on fake Twitter bots was reported in the February 11, 2017 edition of El Periódico de Catalunya, a major Spanish newspaper based in Barcelona. Read More >

ISI Analysis of Jihadi Tweets Featured by MIT Technology Review

February 14, 2017 MIT Technology Review covered work by Adam Badawy and Emilio Ferrara that used data mining to analyze Twitter messages by 25,000 ISIS supporters. In the February 10, 2017 issue, MIT TR describes Badawy and Ferrara's exploration of 1.9 million tweets from now-closed accounts. Read More >

Recipients of ISI's Institute Achievement Award Announced

January 24, 2017 ISI has presented Pedro Szekey, Ewa Deelman, and John Heidemann with an Institute Achievement Award in recognition of innovative and exemplary contributions to research at ISI. Awards were presented at ISI's annual holiday celebration on 16 December 2016. Read More >

Clifford Neuman interviewed on KABC

January 23, 2017 Clifford Neuman was interviewed in January for a ransomware story by KABC about the ransomware attack at LA Valley College, in which the college paid $28,000 in bitcoins to unlock its systems. Read More >

SERC Creates Hands-On Tracking Course

January 23, 2017 The Space Engineering Research Center, a joint effort between the USC Viterbi Astronautics Department and ISI, has just launched a novel class on satellite-to-ground communication. Read More >