University of Southern California


ISI’s Computer Networks researchers are dedicated to exploring, creating and applying fresh approaches that emphasize both networking theory and practice. We work in disciplines ranging from basic information science to hands-on environmental monitoring systems now being used in rain forests and other sensitive environments.

Among our current initiatives: research, development and applications in security testbeds, cyber infrastructure for environmental sensor networks, and Internet measurement and monitoring.

  • DETER cyber-DEfense Technology Experimental Research testbed: The DETER Project testbed is an experimental infrastructure that supports research and development of next-generation cyber-security technologies, from denial-of-service attacks against corporations to cyber-terrorist threats.
  • Sensor networking: We’re now designing and developing turnkey solutions for environmental observation systems that readily can be deployed by an individual scientist in a remote location. Such networks can pick up information on soil, air, water and other environmentally sensitive indicators. The researcher then can transfer data to a lab through satellite, cell phone or other wide-area networks.
  • Internet activity: Our Analysis of Network Traffic (ANT) group is exploring novel ways to understand network traffic, including mapping the entire Net, in an effort to detect and mitigate Internet problems and malware. The research also aims to deepen comprehension of the network on which individuals, businesses and nations now heavily depend.