ISI offers a broad array of services, ranging from contract research and development to licensing of existing software. Our considerable experience, scale and depth enable us to bring skills, knowledge and insight to bear on a level few organizations can match.

Among our proven abilities:

  • Performing world-class research, independently and with USC’s Viterbi School
  • Inventing core software and hardware technologies
  • Designing, modeling and developing practical, fully integrated prototypes
  • Leading interdisciplinary, multi-organization research and development teams
  • Delivering usable products, as specified, on time and within budget

Services include:

  • Contract research and development:
    • Basic research, including new concepts, methods and core technologies
    • Computing architectures, toolkits and testbeds for real-world applications
    • Infrastructure development and maintenance, including networking and testbed computing environments
    • Integration, hardening and transfer of best research technologies
    • Studies and evaluations of research concepts, systems and products
  • Service offerings:
  • Software:
  • ISI Public FTP server