ISI Synthetic

ISI Synthetic (ISIS) is ISI's entry in the Simulator League of the RoboCup, The Robot World Cup Initiative. ISIS is also a vehicle for our research in multi-agent systems.

RoboCup'97: ISIS was the bronze medal winner in the simulation leaguge of RoboCup'97 held in conjunction with the International Joint conferences on Artificial Intelligence, 1997, Japan. ISIS was also the top US team at RoboCup'97. The simulation league was especially challenging, since it involved a competition among 32 international teams.

RoboCup'98: ISIS came in fourth out of 37 teams that participated in the simulation leaguge of RoboCup'98 held in conjunction with the AgentsWorld'98 Paris.

ISIS in the news:

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Relevant Papers:

One of the key innovations in ISIS is its use of an explicit model of teamwork, called STEAM. Such explicit models have the advantage that they provide flexibility in team behavior -- since they explicitly outline an individual's commitments and responsibilities as a participant in teamwork. Such models can also be reused in other domains, e.g., STEAM was originally developed for teamwork among pilot agents in a synthetic combat simulation environment for the US military for training and analysis. This model (in the form of rules) is now reused for teamwork in RoboCup Soccer. These rules are available here.

Another key idea in ISIS includes its use of machine learning for encoding difficult individual skills, such as kicking the ball while avoiding opponents.

ISIS code is available here.

We would like to thank the Intel Corporation for their support of continued research in the RoboCup domain. 

  • Milind Tambe
  • Jafar Adibi
  • Yaser Alonaizon
  • Ali Erdem
  • Gal Kaminka
  • Taylor Raines
  • Stacy Marsella