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I am the Principal Investigator of the Pedagogical Technologies (PedTek) group in the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI). I am also a Research Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California (USC).

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Southern California. I received Masters and Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Statistics from the Seoul National University .

I am organizing the 2nd workshop on Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups at AI in Education Conference (AIED 2013).

Recent Papers on Social Dialogue and Collaboration

Current research focuses on Social Dialogue and Collaboration. Research areas covered include online discourse analysis, forum and wiki mining, mixed-initiative interfaces, workflow systems, and interactive knowledge capture.

This paper describes instructional tools that help students and instructors use discussion boards more effectively, with an emphasis on automatically assessing discussion activities, and promoting student discussion participation and interaction by connecting information seekers to information providers.

This paper describes a novel topic modeling approach where we induce topic categories from a canonical text of the given domain and use it to develop discussion topic classifiers with little training data.

This paper describes typical emotion acts (EAs) that exhibit in student online discussions and illustrates how emotion acts can be used in assessing and predicting student discussion outcome.

This paper presents a new assessment framework for e-learning where we facilitate robust assessment of student learning through workflow framework.

This paper presents a new knowledge acquistion dialogue framework where the system incorporates instructional strategies that good learners take in proactively reasoning about knowledge acquisition tasks and dynamically presenting suggestions. It provides a good example of how we can bring research results from teaching and learning back to AI research.

Research Areas

The following describes my work in individual areas.

Online Forum/Wiki mining and Collaboration analysis:

Semantic Approaches to Workflows:

Interactive Knowledge Capture:

Knowledge-Based Approach for Component Modeling:

Thesis work:

Robot research:

As a graduate student, I also worked on:



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