UCLA Stackable Filing

[An image of a stackable sandwich appears here.]

Stackable filing is the subject of my Ph.D. dissertation. My primary development base is SunOS 4.1.1. Since SunOS is not freely distributable, several distributions are available, none completely satisfactory.

  • For a full SunOS-derived release contact me by mail. You will need a SunOS-4.1.1 source license.

  • The freely distributable portions of my SunOS-derived environment are now available (as of 25-Apr-97). You can download them here (425KB).

  • 4.4BSD includes only in-kernel stacking circa 1994 (no transport layers, cache coherence, or featherweight layering). You may obtain 4.4BSD from Berkeley (contact Pauline Schwartz). More current distributions can be obtained in 4.4BSD derived OSes by the NetBSD project, the FreeBSD project, BSDI, and the OpenBSD project,

    Some people are interested in porting user-level layering to FreeBSD. As with most free software, there is no promise when (or if) this work will be completed. Contact me for details.

If you have questions about these distributions, feel free to contact me.