John N. Damoulakis, Ph.D.

Director, Advanced Electronics

John N. Damoulakis has more than 30 years’ experience in research concept definition, advanced technology development, technology transition to operations, and technology management. A recipient of the Franklin Institute’s Levy medal for international contributions to optimal control and estimation theory, Damoulakis’ expertise includes signal processing, electronics hardware, space electronics, sensor and real-time embedded processing components and systems, as well as energy informatics. He has worked with every major federal R&D organization and in the private sector to capture, complete and transition new technologies to government and commercial uses.

Before joining ISI in 2002, Damoulakis was a senior director at Lockheed Martin Corporation, where he developed, conducted and managed research for Department of Defense systems. He has written extensively on engineering sciences and patents, and frequently participates in government and commercial panels on advanced technologies. Damoulakis earned his Ph.D. in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Texas’ Rice University, did post-graduate work at Southern Methodist University, and attended numerous management and R&D strategy courses.