ARP Project


The ARP (Active Reservation Protocol) project explored the use of portable and dyamically-extensible protocol code for network control protocols, especially for signaling protocols. In particular, the project developed a general-purpose active networks Execution Environment (EE), called the Active Signaling Protocol EE or ASP EE. The ASP EE was designed to control active applications (AAs) executing in the control plane.

Security and isolation are important issues in the design of the ASP EE.  Different AAs executing within the EE are effectively isolated, and the standard Java `sand-boxing' severely restricts the mischief that an AA can cause.  We believe that we will ultimately be able to allow arbitrary AAs to be executed within the ASP EE.

The ASP EE is compatible with the ABone and deployed as a permanent EE in a group of ABone nodes.

Technical documentation

Important AAs

The ARP project has developed two significant AAs to execute under the ASP EE. A basic set of node query functions, including active versions of the familiar ping and traceroute, has been developed.