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* In-kernel device driver patch

A kernel patch to move the Myricom loadable device driver into the SunOS 4.1.3 kernel, to run a workstation with Myrinet as the primary connection and using network-mounted file systems. Scripts make minor kernel source changes to incorporate the device driver, and configure system files to do the boot. Comments on or problems with the patch should be directed to Ted Faber

* Optimized MD5 Code

An optimized version of the MD5 authentication algorithm, which runs up to 50% faster than the reference code on little-endian architectures, and up to 15% faster than the reference code on big-endian architectures.
We also have assembler tuned for the Pentium under FreeBSD.

* ATOMIC Transport Protocol

ATP provides sequenced, reliable data delivery over user-level Myrinet ATOMIC API. ATP is used to speed PVM (Parallel Data Transfer) data transfer over the ATOMIC LAN.

*"BLAST" test code

Similar to the TTCP and NETPERF bandwidth measurement tools, blast was developed at ISI, and includes additional options for UDP pacing and buffer alignment via command-line options.

* bsdATM - FreeBSD Adaptec PCI ATM NIC driver for the 590x series

Working with the ATOMIC-2 project, Chuck Cranor of WUSTL has recently added support for the Adaptec series of 155Mbps PCI ATM cards to his Efficient driver. The driver also supports OpenBSD and NetBSD. The driver (containing both adaptec and efficient support) can be obtained from here. For further information contact: Chuck Cranor chuck@ccrc.wustl.edu, Anne Hutton hutton@isi.edu

* fbsdMyri 1.1 - FreeBSD Myrinet PCI Driver

A FreeBSD driver for the Myricom Myrinet PCI host interface. Version 1.1 of the driver can be obtained from here. For further information contact: The ATOMIC2 Project atomic-2@isi.edu, Anne Hutton hutton@isi.edu

* fbsdmyripeer 1.0 - Peer DMA for the FreeBSD Myrinet PCI Driver

These patches can be applied to the driver above to build a version capable of Peer DMA. Version 1.0 of the patches can be obtained from here.

* NFS ping program to sample server load via NFS noops

The nfs_ping program to ping an NFS server with NFS snoops to estimate server load. Source code (in C) is available as gnuzipped tar. Ted Faber (faber@isi.edu) maintains it.

* Avoiding TIME_WAIT State at busy server

* IP Authentication Header kernel patches

Patches to test the performance of various algorithms, and parts of  AH processing (header insertion/deletion, data touching, etc.)
  • See the README for information on the patch itself.


    * Patches and files that implement the ATOMIC2 NFS modifications

    README file, which includes installation information.
    This paper describes the modifications.

    * Sources to use the TMS SAM-300 as a unix disk

    README file, which includes installation information.
    This may be tricky to install. Talk to Ted Faber if you have problems.

    * Check the current operating statistics of the ATOMIC network at ISI

    * Myri-rules - Care and feeding of the Myricom's Myrinet LAN

    * Local Information (within ISI)

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