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  • SERC summer 2018 Student projects review held on August 7th, 18 students working on several hot topics, including USC's latest Cubesat flight project!
    • This summer at our student team included 2 French AF Lt's, 7 USC Post Graduates, 1 USC PhD candidate, 4 USC Masters students, 1 USC Undergraduate, 2 undergrads from Santa Monica College, and one high school student!




  • Summer 2016 Student projects review held on August 3rd, 14 students completed over 11 projects


  • USC ISI and SERC invited to discuss joint projects with Dominican Republic 


SERC has Booth at Space Tech Expo in Pasadena, May 23-26 2016

2014-2015 Academic Year

USC SERC to be represented at Space Tech Expo 2015 in Long Beach CA

Discussion by D. Barnhart on Torah Kachur's "What a Waste" CBC Radio, Changing Space "Trash into Treasure"



Space Engineering Research Center Launches Nanosatellite

Aeneas CubeSat to Deploy 2.4 GHz Dish Antenna

USC Aeneas Baseline Mission


Viterbi School's Aeneas Satellite Program Blasting Off

USC's 1st Satellite, a Triple Cubesat, Will Demonstrate Cargo-Tracking Concept

USC-Northrop Grumman-Applied Minds CAERUS package now in 90-minute earth orbit, testing ISI-developed communications unit


Demonstration of Beam Assembly