Next-Gen Space Research

What comes next?  What breakthroughs will enable the move to colonies in space?  Solar Power Stations?  Starships...?

The SERC is constantly looking for research amongst the "white space";  the area under or over the curve of traditional technological performance where we can make a big difference.  A large focus is on fundamental details associated with "building in space".  Current research areas include rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO), contact dynamics, interconnect quality between various electro mechanical systems, close proximity manuevering around non-linear growing elements, etc.   These are all being looked at with traditional and new technologies.

But the big breakthroughs will come through integration and mergence with non space areas.  How do we "grow" a spacecraft?  Possibly merge the best of genomic biology and DNA sequencing of plants and vegetation with next generation space materials.  How do we build really "big" platforms?  Possibly through aggregation of hundreds of small self locking "satlets" that constantly upgrade their internal control and dynamics via software. 

Its these questions that drives us...will you join?