Our mission

To research, develop, build and fly satellite and space platforms that:

  • Provide transformative impacts on current and future space applications;
  • Enable universities to play significant, critical roles in innovation, creativity and technology transfer for next generation space advances;
  • Create effective and globally competitive scientists and engineers with knowledge and skills to lead the cutting edge of space science and technology.

Our vision

SERC aims to impact five major domains in dramatic ways in space.  Specifically:

  • Global access:  Create applications that democratize the space domain and enable new national and international markets and capabilities
  • R&D:  Create disruptive, revolutionary engineering advances
  • Education:  Deliver hands-on, experiential skillsets for the second-generation space workforce
  • Industry:  Challenge traditional platform development and manufacturing processes, enabling orders-of-magnitude cost reductions
  • Space science and exploration:  Enable previously unattainable capabilities through advanced engineering and innovation