Trust in an Untrusted World Working Meeting

The SecUre and Robust Electronics (SURE) Center and MOSIS Service of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute hosted the Trust in an Untrusted World working meeting April 12, 2016. In the past decade, more and more fabrication of advanced ICs has migrated offshore, largely because of global economic pressures. Fabrication facilities dedicated to supporting government programs can no longer provide the performance, variety, and volume of ICs at the cost needed. Such trends have raised concerns regarding the reliance of U.S. defense systems on high-performance ICs and the potential vulnerabilities of these systems if fabricated and/or developed offshore.  Given this background as motivation, the workshop addressed how to incorporate security as a first-rate metric during the chip design flow, much like performance, area, and power. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Metrics for measuring security
  • Defining the trade-off space between security and other design constraints such as cost, power, and reliability
  • Trusted 3rd-party IP
  • Role of fabrication technologies (heterogeneous materials, split-fab, 2.5/3D, etc)

Attendees can find presentation materials at the following link:

Presentation Materials