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Akhilesh Jaiswal

Research Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Akhilesh Jaiswal is a Research Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. He also serves as a computer scientist with ASIC Lab at the Information Sciences Institute. His current research interest includes device-circuit co-design using existing and alternate state variables for future electronic systems.

Prior to USC/ISI, Dr. Jaiswal served as a Senior Research Engineer for Technology Solutions Group at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. As a Senior Engineer, he worked on developing a compact device model for MRAM-based AI in-memory compute circuits and enabling AI acceleration through hybrid photonic-electronic neuro-mimetic devices. Akhilesh received his Ph.D. degree in Nano-electronics from Purdue University in May 2019 and his Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in May 2014.

As a part of the doctoral program, his research focused on 1) Exploration of bio-mimetic devices and circuits using emerging non-volatile technologies for Neuromorphic computing. 2) CMOS based analog and digital in-memory and near-memory computing using standard memory bit-cells for beyond von-Neumann AI/ML acceleration.

Akhilesh was an intern with GLOBALFOUNDRIES Differentiating Technology Lab, Malta, in the summer of 2017 and with ARM Devices-Circuits-System Research Group, Austin, in summer 2018.

Dr. Jaiswal has authored some of the initial pioneering works on Processing-in-Pixel and SRAM based in-memory computing. He has authored over 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences including Nature, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Physics Review Applied, Scientific Reports, Journal of Applied Physics, IEEE-TVLSI, IEEE TED, IEEE TCAS, IEEE JETCAS, IEEE Mag. Letters etc. Dr. Jaiswal has 27 issued patents with USPTO and several pending patents.