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Bidisha Baksi

Student Worker, Research


B.E., Computer Science and Engineering, The National Institute of Engineering , Mysore, India.
M.S. , Computer Science, University of Southern California , Los Angeles, USA.


I am a student worker in ISI and a graduate student at USC pursuing a master's degree in computer science. I have completed my bachelor's in computer science and engineering from The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, India. Post completion of my undergrad degree I joined Intuit as a Software Engineer 1 and worked in the domain of Big Data Engineering, and Full Stack Engineering, where I made a great impact in engineering efforts such as large scale database and pipeline migration, query optimization, optimization of distributed systems, and platform and back-end service development. I currently work as a student researcher at ISI under Prof. Craig Knoblock, in the department of Center on Knowledge Graphs, and on the Karma project, which is a GUI-based data integration tool for integrating data from hybrid sources using ontology classes.