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Karishma Sharma, Ph.D

Graduate Research Assistant


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at University of Southern California . I work on machine learning and network analysis under the supervision of Prof Yan Liu and Prof Emilio Ferrara.
I work on information diffusion/propagation inference and analysis for misinformation mitigation. I model user behaviours and influence between their activities on social media to detect malicious coordinated groups involved in misinformation promotion. I also study misinformation propagation and engagements with conspiracy groups, and network interventions to mitigate misinformation spread. I am currently working on challenges in label noise and self-supervision to construct misinformation labeled datasets at scale. I am interested in machine learning and algorithms applied to graphs or networks, and modeling complex interactions and dynamic behaviours of entities in real-world data.

Research Summary

Misinformation and Coordinated Social Media Manipulation Detection and Analysis

  • Coordinated Activity Detection in Social Media Manipulation
  • Fake News Detection and Analysis
  • Network Based Interventions for Disinformation Mitigation