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Kartik Shenoy, MS

Student Worker, Research


M.S., Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), University of Southern California, Dec. 2022
B.Tech., Computer Engineering, Mumbai University, June 2018


Kartik Shenoy is currently pursuing his MS in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence with an Honors. He is currently working as a Student Worker in the Centre on Knowledge Graphs at the Information Sciences Institute, USC. He was one of the semi-finalists of Alexa Socialbot Grand Challenge 4 as part of Team Viola. Before this, he worked on using natural language processing and machine learning in the fin-tech world where he received awards and accolades. Along with this, he has also worked on multiple Computer Vision projects and has been contributing to Kaggle in terms of datasets and notebooks.

Research Summary

At ISI, his work has primarily been on knowledge graphs, where he has been attempting to improve node embeddings using BERT embedding similarity values based on multiple datasets such as Wikidata and Probase. He also designed a framework for identifying low quality statements in Wikidata knowledge graph amongst 1.1 billion statements on the basis of deleted, deprecated statements and constraint violations. As part of the Alexa Socialbot Grand Challenge 4, he contributed to the chat bot, capable of holding general conversations, by working on intent recognition, DialoGPT, offensive speech classification, several guardrails and other neural models.

Prior to this, in a fin-tech company, he worked on developing a prototype pipeline for transaction and account fraud detection using CassandraDB, Kafka and PySpark. He also used Latent Dirichlect Allocation to derive insights from Android and iOS application reviews. Along with this, he also developed a sentiment analysis engine to prioritize real-time customer tweets for better customer service. He has also worked on Computer Vision projects such as sign language translation, signature verification using Siamese Convolutional Networks, pneumonia detection from chest X-rays.


Semifinalist of Alexa Socialbot Grand Challenge 4 (2020-2021) as part of Team Viola (July 2021)
Admitted to the Computer Science Masters Student Honors Program (Aug 2021 - Present)
Barclays Award of Stewardship (Nov. 2020)
Global Online Laboratory Consortium International Lab Award (Nov. 2020)