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Loïc Pottier, Ph.D

Computer Scientist


PhD., Computer Science, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
M.S., Computer Science, University of Versailles, France
B.S., Computer Science, University of Lower-Normandy, France


I’m currently a computer scientist at the Information Sciences Institute which is part of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. I am part of the Science Automation Technologies group led by Dr Ewa Deelman where I am working on scientific workflows management on large-scale cyber-infrastructures and, I am also working on optimizing machine learning workflows to run on high-performance systems (HPC).

I have defended my PhD in Computer Science at École Normale Supérieure (ENS Lyon), France, in 2018, under the supervision of Anne Benoit and Yves Robert. I was part of the team ROMA at the LIP. I was mainly working on co-scheduling algorithms for large-scale applications. I was also working on scheduling and data management problems on the new many-core architectures.


2021-2024, NSF, Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation (CSSI), Elements award: "Simulation-driven Evaluation of Cyberinfrastructure Systems"
2021-2024, NSF, CISE, Core Program Award "Simulation-driven runtime resource management for distributed workflow applications"
2021-2023, NSF, OAC, CRII Award: "Scalability of Deep-Learning Methods on HPC Systems: An I/O-centric Approach"
2019-2022, NSF, CyberTraining - Training-based, "Integrating core CI literacy and skills into university curricula via simulation-driven activities"