Template Enhancement through Knowledge Acquisition


Under the Temple project, we are developing tools to guide users in adding planning constraints and preferences, including wizards and smart editors.



We have developed the Constable system for checking and modifying constraints on plans as they are being developed. Constable has been demonstrated in the context of planning a SEAL beach landing. We are now integrating Constable with Data Agent so that users can view and modify constraints over the same live data sources that Data Agent uses.



Constraints are used to check that a plan in development is feasible. Typically, a plan is checked with many different constraints, that check different aspects of the plan and use different information. Users need to be able to modify constraints because the particular objectives and rules to follow are often unique to the current situation. We are developing Constable, a tool that helps users to modify the constraints that they are using to check a plan. We provide a uniform interface to different data sources that also allows users to integrate these sources within the constraints that are applied.

This work involves research in the areas of knowledge aquisition scripts, dependency analysis, intelligent user interfaces and integrating information sources.

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