Capturing and Exploiting Semantic Relationships for Information and Knowledge Management


Trellis is an interactive web-based application for argumentation and decision-making. Using Trellis, users can come to individual and collaborative conclusions on virtually any topic, from scientific discourse to political and policy views to deciding which product to purcase or select the place to stay on a vacation.



Trellis supports three modes of analysis:
  • Rich, a mode allowing detailed semantic annotation, rating of sources, and offering a rich vocabulary of semantic connectors
  • Tree, a flavor aimed at easy-to-use analyis and which provides a simplified interface and only the basic argumentation connectors. It also supports collaborative discussion
  • Table, which focuses on supporting decision making where several alternatives need to be compared and evaluated according to several user specified dimensions
ACE is a tool for transparently (using only natural lanugage) interacting with the user to generate semantic markup of annotations in Trellis. A walkthough of ACE is now available in the demos below.

All flavors are available on our Trellis preview web server, (this site presents the latest features, but is occasionally unavailable)

Auxiliary Trellis (Rich format only) is available here.

Trellis (currently rich flavor only) can also be downloaded here. Let us know if you are interested in obtaining source code of and/or using latest versions of Trellis!



Trellis helps users marshall information available from multiple web sites, as well as add their observations, viewpoints, and conclusions. Trellis provides assistance in carrying out analysis about a particular decision by:
  • helping generate a high-level overview of the decision,
  • capturing the decision rationale for convenient sharing with others, and
  • assisting with collaboratively determining quality and trustworthines of online resources.

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