US Patent

Award #6636781: Distributed Control and Coordination of Autonomous Agents in a Dynamic, Reconfigurable System, October 21, 2003 by Shen, W.-M., B. Salemi, and P. Will.

Phi Kappa Phi

Wei-Min Shen and Peter Will receive 2003 Phi Kappa Phi USC Faculty Recognition Award:  In honor of their research on Reconfigurable Robots (CONRO). Phi Kappa Phi is USC's oldest honor society. Members are elected from all areas of the university on the basis of academic excellence. The CONRO Project has the goal of creating miniature reconfigurable robots that can be tasked to perform reconnaissance and search and identification tasks in urban, seashore and other field environments. CONRO will be miniature and is to be made from identical modules that can be programmed to alter their topology in order to respond to environmental challenges such as obstacles.

Best Paper

The Best Paper Award: The winner of the best paper for the Autonomous/Unmanned Systems category at the 26th Army Science Conference (December 2008) : "Self-reconfigurable robots for adaptive and multifunctional tasks" by W.-M. Shen.

The Best Paper Award: The 7th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behaviors (SAB2002) the Paper with Most Philosophical Consequences: On the Use of Sensors in Self-Reconfigurable Robots , by K. Støy and W.-M. Shen and P. Will.


The World-Champion Award: Our Dreamteam won the 1997 World Cup Robot Soccer Competition RoboCup97 in Nagoya, Japan. See CNN coverage and an article from SCIENCES, Vol. 277.

First Place!

Winner of the Planetary Robotic Contingency Challenge competition at ICRA 2008 in Pasadena, California.

Yoda takes
Second Place!

The Second Place Award: Our robot system YODA won the 1996 AAAI Robot Competition for Indoor Navigation, in Portland, Oregon.


Meritorious Service Award 1997.  Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, USA.