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Explorations from the Command Line

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Talk Abstract:

The Linux command line serves as a unifying platform, providing users with a common interface for system interaction. This presentation is divided into two sections, exploring distinct command line applications. The first section focuses on optimizing TCP performance for Knot DNS software, renowned for its microsecond response time. Leveraging the DIINER testbed, dnsperf, and statistical methods, the study investigates the effects of modifying kernel parameters on TCP throughput. The second section addresses the development of a sandboxed bash environment, tackling the challenges of comprehending and investigating malicious code. By utilizing the bashlex and bashparser packages, this environment successfully executes over 90% of the malware scripts intercepted by ISI.

Speaker Bio

Spencer Stingley is a graduating Masters Student of Computer Engineering from USC. He has been working with Wes Hardaker for the past two years under the Rising Stars intern program. During his internship he worked principally on the GAWSEED program, which was responsible for studying malicious activity across multi-enterprise datasets. Spencer's specific role under the program was to study malicious bash scripts to enable enhanced identification of other data sources, rating the complexity level of individual malicious scripts and to develop a safe bash-shell emulation environment where the most complex scripts could be studied and analyzed.

ISI Host: Wes Hardaker

Administrative POCs: Matt Binkley and Katie Boeck