Instructions for Presentations


If a paper is not presented (oral or poster) by one of its authors, then the paper will be withdrawn from the proceedings. There will be NO exceptions to this policy. Authors may not delegate the presentation of their paper to anyone else.

Each paper will be given a 12-minute oral + poster presentation.

Short Oral Presentation

During the Short Oral Presentation, speakers will highlight the key ideas in their paper. Think of this as a “sales pitch”, to attract interested viewers to your poster, where a more in-depth conversation can take place.

To facilitate this, every speaker is encouraged to prepare a presentation of not more than 12 slides, including the title slide. This may contain video or audio objects, but since the presentation laptop cannot be guaranteed to have the necessary codecs to play the video/audio objects, there is no assurance that they will play correctly.

Each speaker should upload his/her slides to CMT by midnight on October 21, 2018 (PST time). Only PDF or PPT or PPTX files will be accepted, and file size should not exceed 100Mb. Login to the URL below, and as Author, click on the “Create Camera Ready Submission” link.

All the uploaded slides will then be transferred to the presentation laptop to facilitate presentation in quick succession by each speaker. We regret that we cannot accept slides on USB sticks brought to the session at the last minute, or presentations on authors’ laptops. Strict timing will be enforced. There will not be any Q&A; all questions will be asked during the Poster Presentation.

Poster Presentation

All posters can be mounted between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm on the day of the presentation. Mounting boards and pins/adhesives will be available in the poster room.

The posters in each session will be numbered. The list of numbers will be posted next to the board. Please use your numbered location.

Presenters must be present at their poster for the entire duration of their session.

Posters must be removed from their mounting only after the end of the session on the day of the presentation.

Each poster board will be of size 8 feet horizontal, and 4 feet vertical.