Extracting Actionable Information from Online User Behavior

Saturday, July 1, 2017, All day PSTiCal
Conference Room 1135, ISI MDR
This event is open to the public.
ISI Cyber Security Seminar Talk
Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside

This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date.

Hosted by Terry Benzel


Can we improve network security by mining social media? We present our work that spans 6 years of analyzing the online footprint of users in order to extract interesting information about the users and more recently, about network security issues. We consider multiple "online platforms" which include social media, such as Facebook, commenting platforms, such as Disqus, and online forums. We highlight efforts to identify rules, patterns and profiles of online users. We put more emphasis on analyzing security forums (dubbed Hacker Forums), and we show that there is a wealth of information and interesting dynamics that can be unearthed. We finally show our early-alpha stage tool, HackerChatter, which promises to enable the analysis of security oriented forums.

Speaker Bio

Michalis Faloutsos is a faculty member at the Computer Science Dpt and Director of Entrepreneurship in the  University of California Riverside.  He got his bachelor's degree at the National Technical University of Athens and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto.  His interests include,  network and systems security, online social networks analytics, and network  measurements. With his two brothers, he co-authored the paper "On powerlaws of the Internet  topology" (SIGCOMM'99), which received the "Test of Time" award from ACM SIGCOMM.  His research has resulted in more than 18K citations,  an h-index greater than 56, and an i10-index greater than 120. His work has been supported by many NSF, DHS, ARL, and DAPRA grants, for a cumulative amount of more than $12M. He is the co-founder of stopthehacker.com, a web-security start-up, which got acquired by Cloudflare in November 2013. In Aug 2014, he co-founded programize.com, which provides product development as a service and grew to  60 people by its third year.

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