Moving Marginalized People from “Other" to “Expert" In Technology Design

Friday, November 30, 2018, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDTiCal
10th floor east conference room, #1016
AI Seminar
Stacy Branham, UCI
Video Recording:
The technologies we build often have unanticipated consequences. These can be particularly deleterious for people from marginalized populations––people considered non-normative “others.” A conspicuous wearable device that helps navigate a person who is blind may make them a target for street robbery or harassment. An algorithm that automatically detects a person's gender may offensively misgender someone or “out" a transgender person. In this talk, I draw from my research with the blind and transgender communities to argue that members of marginalized populations like these are experts––blind person is an expert in voice user interfaces, a trans person is an expert in gender––who should be centered in technology design and engineering processes rather than treated as special interest groups of secondary concern.
Bio: Stacy Branham is an Assistant Professor in Informatics at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Her research investigates how technologies mediate interpersonal relationships, often with people who are blind. Her recent and ongoing studies explore how technology can engender safety as people with disabilities encounter law enforcement at protests, as blind parents care for their children at home, and as transgender people navigate violence in online and offline spaces. Common threads across her work include agency, empowerment, disability, gender, social justice, intimacy, interdependence, personal safety, and ethics in design research. Her research has been recognized with best paper awards at CHI and DIS. She is currently serving as a Papers AC for CHI and DIS 2019, as well as the Diversity and Inclusion chair for DIS and SIGCSE 2019. She received her BS and PhD in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.
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