Special Events

Pegasus Users Group Meeting 2021

PUG 2021 aimed to give an opportunity to Pegasus users and collaborators to interact with Pegasus developers and share ideas and provide feedback. The users group meeting was a mix of user experience talks along with technical Pegasus talks, tutorials, and office hours.
Pegasus Users Group Meeting 2021 Website

USC AI Futures Symposium

Interacting with AI systems is now commonplace, whether conversing about a dinner reservation, directing them to drive a car, or requesting music. But it is very apparent that they do not communicate like we do. They know very little about the world, are ignorant of social conventions, cannot learn our quirks from numerous conversations, and seem clearly confounded when something unexpected happens.
USC AI Futures Symposium Website

ISI Research Day 2020

January 2020 marked the inaugural ISI Research Day, an event for celebrating the cutting-edge research and innovation that takes place at ISI. Scientists from all research groups at ISI presented their research through interactive talks, poster sessions, and a panel featuring leading scientists from various fields.
ISI Research Day 2020 Website