EXPECT effort in HPKB


DARPA's High-Performance Knowledge Bases program (HPKB): Enabling developers to rapidly build very large knowledge bases, where the knowledge bases should be comprehensive and reusable across many applications, and they should be maintained and modified easily.

  • HPKB annual Challenge Problems:

    Year 1 (Workarounds domain): produced the best performance with full coverage (presentation in Jan 99 PI meeting) (results)

    Year 2 (Courses of Action domain): The EXPECT critiquer produced high quality results (high correctness and sound justification) (presentation in Oct 99 PI meeting)

  • Knowledge Acquisition Critical Component Experiment: Experiment held at the Army Battle Command Battle Lab in Ft Leavenworth, KS, in August 1999. Several Army officers successfully used EXPECT's knowledge acquisition tools (EMeD, PSMTool, and ETM) to extend the knowledge base. (slides)

  • Ontology: designed ontologies concerned with planning, plan critiquing and resources, which are middle-level ontologies that capture generic knowledge about tasks. We used them to develop a plan critiquer for HPKB and also in the prototype for acquiring plan constraints. The planning ontology, PLANET, has been incorporated into Cyc.

Jihie Kim
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