Knowledge Analysis document (old)

  • Knowledge Analysis scenario in SRI team Story Board (8/9/2000)(Slides)

  • A transcript of a session with KANAL (Updated 9/12/00)

  • KM traces of how the scenario runs (July, 2000)

    Expected-effect-scenario: Specifying expected effects of actions (such as VirusInvadesCell) and testing KB using the simulation

    Arrive-scenario: Testing actions with preconditions and fixing errors (such as adding an action)

  • Knowledge Analysis (prepared for SRI team meeting in 6/21/2000)

    powerpoint version

  • TIF/Knowledge Analysis summary (6/19/2000)

    powerpoint version

  • Knowledge Analysis (RKF kickoff, 6/6/2000)

    powerpoint version

  • Knowledge Analysis/Component Evaluation (RKF kickoff, 6/7/2000)

    powerpoint version

  • TIF analysis before the kickoff meeting(powerpoint file,5/16/2000)

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