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GeoWorlds Project, Distributed Scalable Systems Division
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Examples of Analyses Performed Using GeoWorlds

GeoWorlds has been put to experimental use in both academic and government settings for gathering information and analyzing a wide range of situations.  These include preparing for hypothetical disasters, performing intelligence analyses, researching economic and business questions, and a number of other applications.  Examples are provided below.

GeoTopics is a GeoWorlds application that analyzes daily news articles. GeoTopics is a Web-based application that collects and analyzes news articles from major English language newspapers. GeoTopics identifies the “hot topics” and “hot places” from each day’s news articles. Also, it breaks down the hot topic areas by places to determine the topics most relevant to a place.

Regional Terrorism News Portal is an automatically-generated daily international terrorism analysis portal that has been developed for the Asia-Pacific Area Network (APAN) at U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM).

Note: This analysis was developed in less than a day in response to a request from a government agency that had been unable to obtain the information from any other source.


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