Summer 2014 Undergraduate Research Internship Opportunities

The Interactive Knowledge Capture research group at USC/ISI has several openings for undergraduates to be involved in research projects. Programming background is not necessary. High-school students are also eligible and encouraged to apply.

January 15, 2014
February 15, 2014

To apply please send email to "" with the title "IKCAP 2014 summer internship application" including:

  1. a cover letter stating the reasons for your interest and your relevant expertise
  2. a short resume.

On-Line Course on Big Data
On-Line Course on Big Data
Web site development and HTML; Good writing skills
This project will develop an on-line course that will use workflow technologies to teach advanced techniques for analyzing large datasets ("big data"). We will use the WINGS workflow system, which already has multi-step workflows for example to analyze twitter data, genomic data, and environmental data. WINGS offers an easy to use web portal for users to use those workflows with simple datasets. Interns will help develop lessons to parallelize computations, to protect privacy while analyzing data, and other important aspects of data mining and machine learning.
Interns will learn about workflows, about web site development, about on-line teaching, and about big data analysis.
Analyzing Semantic Wikis
Analyzing Semantic Wikis
PHP programming; Good writing skills
Semantic wikis are used by many communities as wikis that formalize and structure information using semantic web technologies. This project is analyzing the use of semantic wikis by many communities, for example to organize scientific information, hobbies, and environmental data. We have been collecting data for hundreds of semantic wikis and how users organize information and define concepts and properties in their domains. Interns will analyze the behaviors of semantic wiki communities to detect patterns of use and help improve their design.
Interns will learn about using wikis, using semantic wikis, and about analyzing social knowledge collection sites.