Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Web and Grid Services

held in conjunction with

The 14th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling , (ICAPS 2004),
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, June 3-7 2004

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From the initial call for papers:

Recently there has been increasing interest in service composition on the web and also in creating and managing workflows of tasks on computational grids. These important areas are related: grid toolkits such as Globus have recently adopted web service models and extended them to provide fault-tolerant services with long-lived state. Their extensions are generating interest in the web service communities. Using these models, widely distributed services can be discovered and composed into workflows either manually or automatically, revolutionizing approaches to distributed services.

AI planning and scheduling techniques will play an essential role in managing workflows of web and grid services, including their composition, allocation of resources, execution and repair. However, many issues remain to be resolved. These include (1) forming clean characterizations of service composition and execution and workflow management, (2) identifying the most appropriate ways to formalize service discovery and composition as a planning and/or scheduling problem, (3) determining whether existing plan and domain languages are appropriate or whether new features or languages are needed, and (4) highlighting important challenges for planning and scheduling systems to be maximally effective in this area.

This workshop will bring together researchers who are working on these topics to discuss these issues as well as real systems that are under development. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to submit either a long paper of up to 8 pages in AAAI format, or a short position paper of up to 3 pages. Topics of interest include:

Full Papers

1   The Role of an Agent Organization in a Grid Computing Environment
Sherief Abdallah, Haizheng Zhang and Victor Lesser
9 Executing Abstract Web Process Flows
Rama Akkiraju, Kunal Verma, Richard Goodwin, Prashant Doshi and Juhnyoung Lee
16 Coordinating Workflows in Shared Grid Environments
Jim Blythe, Yolanda Gil and Ewa Deelman
23 Large Scale Testbed for Type Compatible Service Composition
Ion Constantinescu, Boi Faltings and Walter Binder
29 Between Now and the Semantic Web
Andrew Crossen, Jay Budzik and Kristian J. Hammond
37 Timeless Planning and the Component Placement Problem
Tatiana Kichkaylo
45 A Knowledge-Based Approach to Interactive Workflow Composition
Jihie Kim, Yolanda Gil and Marc Spraragen
54 Information Gathering during Planning for Web Service Composition
Ugur Kuter, Evren Sirin, Dana Nau, Bijan Parsia, and James Hendler
62 Web Service Composition as a Planning Task: Experiments using Knowledge-Based Planning
Erick Martínez and Yves Lespérance
70 Planning and Monitoring Web Service Composition
Marco Pistore, F. Barbon, Piergiorgio Bertoli, D. Shaparau and Paolo Traverso
78 Planning with Workflows - An Emerging Paradigm for Web Service Composition
Biplav Srivastava and Jana Koehler
86 A Data Integration Approach to Automatically Composing and Optimizing Web Services
Snehal Thakkar, José Luis Ambite and Craig A. Knoblock

Position papers

94   Synthesis of Composite e-Services based on Automated Reasoning
D. Berardi, D. Calvanese, G. De Giacomo, M. Lenzerini and M. Mecella
97 An Overview of the Gridline Project
Youssef Hamadi, Alan M. Frisch and Ian Miguel
100 Towards Service Level Agreement Based Scheduling on the Grid
Jon MacLaren, Rizos Sakellariou, Krish T. Krishnakumar, Jon Garibaldi and Djamila Ouelhadj

Important dates:

Organizing committee:
Jim Blythe (co-chair), USC Information Sciences Institute, USA
Jose Luis Ambite (co-chair), USC Information Sciences Institute, USA
Derek Long, Strathclyde University, UK
Drew McDermott, Yale University, USA
Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto, Canada,
Biplav Srivastava, IBM India Research Lab, India
Paolo Traverso, IRST, Italy