2016 SUMMER INTERNS of the
Interactive Knowledge Capture Group

Four students interns joined the Interactive Knowledge Capture group this summer: Sizhuo Zou, a graduate student in the USC Annenberg School of Communications; Alyssa Deng, a recent graduate at Troy High School on her way to Carnegie Mellon University; Catherine Wang, a raising senior at Troy High School; and Jason Jewik, a 9th grader at Whitney High School

2016 summer interns in USC/ISI’s Interactive Knowledge Capture Group, from left to right: Sizhuo Zou from USC Annenberg School of Communications, Alyssa Deng, from Stanford University, Catherine Wang from Troy High School, and Jason Jewik from Whitney High School. Next to them is Yolanda Gil, Director of Knowledge Technologies and Research Professor at USC and their advisor during the internships

Sizhuo Zou designed and built a web site to organize teaching materials about data science. The materials are from a course on data science for non-programmers that she took as a student when Dr. Gil taught it at USC in the Spring.

Alyssa Deng was an intern the year before, when she worked on developing materials for training non-programmers on data science. This year, she learned about ontologies and how they are used to describe objects in the world and their properties. She developed a new ontology of musical instruments, artists, and groups. She also created a homework unit based on that ontology. She also wrote a tutorial on concepts on ontologies.

Catherine Wang worked on a project on argumentation. She did a literature survey of existing tools, and compared their capabilities using examples based on her experience with high-school debate.

Jason Jewik worked on generating data visualizations and integrating them with workflows. His work on visualizations will help improve understanding of data analysis processes and products.

Student interns from all over the world join the AI group at ISI every Summer. For more information, please contact gil@isi.edu.