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A walkthrough demonstration of Wings

There are sample representations, and other material available at the Wings and Pegasus Provenance website.

Example Workflow

We use an example workflow from the First Provenance Challange site for creating population-based "brain atlases". It is from the fMRI Data Center's archive of high resolution anatomical data. The workflow is shown below.


Wings Template

The Template was created for the fMRI domain using the fMRI Component Library, and the fMRI file Ontology.

There were a few runs of the Wings DAX generator over this Template with certain random parameters, and it resulted in a bunch of DAX'es, and workflow instances (compact and expanded).
Wings File and Component Library

The fMRI domain File Library was populated with descriptions of all the files used/generated in the runs above, and the metadata/parameters that we provided for those runs. The queries basically involve SPARQL queries to this File Library, to get the associated Workflow Instance(s), and querying that workflow instance for more detailed information. The fMRI Component Library provides 5 different components for use in the fMRI domain : align_warp, reslice, softmean, slice, convert. These components are used while creating a Template.

Workflow Instance (Dax)

Wings creates a workflow instance in the VDS dax format. The image below shows a GRAPHVIZ vizualization of the dax file. The XML dax file is also provided at the bottom that is provided as an input file to the Pegasus Workflow Planner. Workflow Instance (DAX)

Download the FMRI dax file Fmri.xml

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