Pervasive Monitoring and Control of Water Lifeline Systems for Disaster Recovery

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Project Summary

"Pervasive Monitoring and Control of Water Lifeline Systems for Disaster Recovery" is a joint research effort between USC/ISI and UC Irvine.

We propose to apply sensor networks to enhance the performance of civil infrastructure systems, particularly utility lifeline systems, under both emergency and daily operational conditions. Specific objectives of our research are:

MACSS is a project at USC/ISI funded by the NSF Division of Civil and Mechanical Systems (award number E01-CMS-0112665).



For a more complete list of related publications, see the I-LENSE publications page.

Please contact Dr. Shinozuka's to obtain publications related to the civil engineering side of this research project.


This work has supported development of Directed Diffusion and other software for sensor nets, particularly the BARD and RDD extensions to diffusion. This software is available from the I-LENSE software page.

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