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Kristina Lerman
 Curriculum Vitae  
  Ph.D. , Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA. Dec. 1995.  
  Thesis advisors: Profs. Guenter Ahlers and David S. Cannell  
  A.B. , Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. June 1989.  
 Professional Experience  
  03/04 -- Present , Assistant Research Professor, Computer Science Department,  
  University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.  
  07/03 -- Present , Project Leader, USC Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA.  
  06/98 -- 06/03 , Computer Scientist, USC Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA.  
  01/96 -- 05/98 , Systems Programmer, Quarterdeck Office Systems, Marina del Rey, CA.  
  01/90 -- 08/95 , Research Assistant, Physics Department, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA.  
 Grants and Contracts  
  Co-PI on a MURI project "Inferring Structure and Forecasting Dynamics on Evolving Networks'', 10/1/10 - 8/31/2014.  
  AFOSR Grant for "Social Dynamics of Information,'', $450,000, 8/1/10 - 7/31/2012.  
  NSF Grant for "SoCS: A Mathematical Framework for Modeling Behavior of  
  NSF Grant for "NetSE: Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks,'', 0915678, $476,300, 9/1/09 - 8/31/2012.  
  USC/ISI Interdivision seedling award, "MNA: Massive Network Analysis,'' John Heidemann (PI), $200,000 9/2008-8/2010.  
  NSF Grant for "Harvest: Harvesting Concept Hierarchies from Social Data,'', IIS-0812677, $450,000, 9/1/08 - 8/31/2011.  
  NSF Grant for "GeoNets: Rapid deployment of humanitarian assistance social networks for ad hoc  
  NSF Grant for "Adapt2: Formal Framework for Analysis of Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems,'' IIS-0535182, $268,000, 6/2006 -- 5/2009.  
  NSF HSD Grant for "Crowds: Modeling and relating individual and collective spatial Representations,'' Maja Mataric (PI, USC), R. Sekuler (Co-PI, Brandeis), BCS-0527725, $240,000, 09/01/05--08/31/09.  
  NSF IIS Grant for "WP2: Intelligent Optimization of Parallel and Distributed Applications,'' Mary Hall (PI, USC) and E. Deelman (Co-PI, USC), Y. Gil (Co-PI, USC), K. Lerman (Co-PI, USC), A. Nakano (Co-PI, USC), J. Salz (Co-PI, OHSU), CNS-0615412, $52,439, 8/1/06 - 7/31/2009.  
  NSF IIS Grant for "AutoSyn: Automatic Synthesis of Controllers for Multi-Robot Coordination Tasks,'' with Maja Mataric (Co-PI, USC), IIS-041332, $450,000, 11/15/04--10/31/08.  
  NSF Professional Opportunities for Women in Science and Engineering (POWRE) Grant for "Mathematical Analysis of Two Multi-Agent Systems,'' $68,000 for 18 months from September 2000.  
  DARPA Contract for "TASK: Mathematical Modeling of Large Multi-Agent Systems'', Maja Mataric (co-PI), $735,415, 7/2000--7/2005.  
  Hierarchical Rule Induction and Re-induction for Extracting Data from Semistructured Documents  
  Inventors: Kristina Lerman and Steven Minton.  
  Patent No. 6714941, 2004