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Kristina Lerman
  GeoNets: Rapid deployment of humanitarian assistance social networks for ad hoc geospatial data sharing  
  Access to up-to-date and quality information can have a significant impact on the humanitarian relief community as they coordinate relief efforts. In addition to data that is created and curated by expert, there is a vast volunteer community who are empowered by the social Web to generate community curated content on sites such as Flickr,, and Google Earth. Combining data from experts and volunteers can facilitate the efforts of relief agencies. In order to effectively use this data, one needs to (1) discover relevant sources, (2) assess quality and (3) understand their content. Fortunately, the wealth of content and metadata, i.e., annotations in the form of tags, on the social Web, can aid in this task of semantic discovery and quality assessment.  
  The GeoNets project will develop methods to analyze social content and metadata in order to extract concepts, including geospatial concepts and generate semantically-rich geospatial data. GeoNets can also increase the re-use of data by suggesting terms to improve the quality of existing annotations. GeoNets will leverage methodologies for ranking, personalization and quality assessment to create a GeoNets dataspace and provide a user friendly query language.  
  The methods developed by the project also apply to other fields where information created by a lay community augments the knowledge produced by professionals. In several scientific disciplines, including astronomy, biology and ecology, an army of passionate amateurs is making new observations and discoveries. GeoNets will create tools that will enable scientists to leverage community-generated knowledge to create up-to-date, semantically rich dataspaces.  

  Click here for the list of project-related publications.  

  Project Staff  
  Kristina Lerman, USC (Principal Investigator)
Louiqa Raschid, UMD (Co-Principal Investigator)
Craig Knoblock, USC (Co-Principal Investigator)
Hassan Sayyedi, UMD
Suradej Intagorn,USC
Shubham Gupta, USC
  This research is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (award number CMMI-0753124).