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Kristina Lerman
 Invited Talks  
  Cognitive Heuristics and the Limits of Crowd Wisdom  
  Plenary talk presented at Conference on Complex Systems, Cancun, Mexico, September 2017  
  A Meme is Not a Virus: The Role of Cognitive Heuristics in Information Diffusion  
  Keynote presented at Hypertext Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2017  
  Cognitive Heuristics and the Limits of Collective Wisdom  
  Keynote presented at Social Informatics Conference, November 2016  
  The living data lab: understanding human behavior with big data  
  Talk presented at ISI, July 2016  
  The majority illusion in social networks and other paradoxes in social perception  
  CENS workshop on social media in governance, Singapore, November 2015  
  A meme is not a virus: the role of cognitive heuristics in online information diffusion  
  invited presentation at CSS2015 workshop on social contagions - October 2015  
  Social Dynamics of Information  
  A meme is not a virus: how attention shapes social communication and analysis of network structure, December 2012  
  Rethinking Network Structure  
  How dynamic interactions affect how we view network structure, presented at USI, Lugano, Switzerland, December 2011  
  The Science of Social Media  
  A general interest science talk presented at the Machine Learning Meetup group, July 2011  
  Dynamics of information spread on networks  
  UC Santa Barbara, May, 2011  
  Harvesting Knowledge from Social Annotations  
  UC Irvine, May, 2011  
  Social Media: A Responsible User's Guide  
  A general interest talk about social media, presented for Los Angeles County Museum of Art Docents' Council, March 2, 2011  
  Dynamics of Social Voting  
  Dynamic Networks Workshop, SIAM Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, July, 2008.  
  Social Information Processing  
  Introduction to AAAI Spring Symposium on Social Information Processing, Stanford University, CA, March, 2008.  
  The Social Web: Social networks, tagging and what you can learn from them  
  Invited talk, University of Maryland, October, 2007  
  The Social Web  
  University of California, Los Angeles, October, 2007  
  The Social Web: An Information Revolution  
  Google Tech Talk, Santa Monica, June 20, 2007.