Workshop on

"Planning for Web Services"

to be held in conjunction with

The 13th International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling
(ICAPS 2003)

Trento, Italy, 10 June 2003

Workshop Program (including online papers)

Workshop Description

Web services are revolutionizing the way industry and government operate. Web services both provide information (e.g. listing available flights) and change the world (e.g. buying a flight ticket). As the Web evolves into the Semantic Web, the myriad of available services are being described declaratively. Machine-understandable descriptions enable the automatic discovery, use, and composition of web services.

With the increased interest in the web services paradigm, composition of web services has become of primary importance. Several languages for describing web services and their composition are currently being defined and seek to become standards. The current leading proposals are the Web Service Description Language [WSDL 2001] and the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services [BPEL4WS 2002], an industry-developed flow language, and DAML Services [DAML-S 2001], a Semantic Web ontology for services developed under the DAML program. Some promising initial results on automatic web service composition are starting to appear [McIlraith 2002, Thakkar 2002], but a deeper and broader treatment of the planning aspects of web services is necessary.

From a planning perspective, web services can be seen as operators, specific web services compositions as plans, and automatic web service composition as a form of planning. Many of the research areas on automated planning and scheduling are relevant to the web service paradigm including:

This workshop offers researchers on automated planning and scheduling with a forum for presenting results relevant to web services, identify new challenges, and lead the development of the critically important field of web services.

Paper Submission Guidelines

Papers should be at most 8 pages based on the AAAI style template:

Submissions must be made electronically by sending a PDF file to:

Important Dates

Workshop Format

In order to maximize opportunities for discussion and interaction, we will follow a "commentator" model inspired by the NASA Planning and Scheduling Workshops. For each accepted paper we will assign a commentator. The commentator will be encouraged to have a dialogue with the authors and will present his/her comments at the workshop following the paper. The commentary is not a review or critique, but simply a way to encourage interaction between different communities. To acknowledge the work of the commentator, an optional one-page commentary will be published in the workshop proceedings.


For more information about the workshop, consult:

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Organizing Committee

Jose Luis Ambite
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
4676 Admiralty Way,
Marina del Rey, CA 90292, USA
Phone: +1 310 448 8472
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Craig Knoblock
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
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Sheila McIlraith
Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Stanford University
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Mike P. Papazoglou
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
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Paolo Traverso
Automated Reasoning Systems Division (SRA)
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