CS 588
Human Computer Interaction

Thursdays 7pm - 9:40pm.


Martin Frank Pedro Szekely
frank AT isi DOT edu szekely AT isi DOT edu

Teaching Assistant (& WebMaster of the CS588 Web Server)

Qian Chen

Office Hours

On campus:
By appointment (send Email to set up)
Phone appointments:
Martin Frank - (310) 822-1511 ext. 182
Pedro Szekely - (310) 822-1511 ext. 641

Mailing Lists

send a message to all students in the class. We encourage students to make use of this mailing list to ask each other questions.
send a message to both Martin Frank and Pedro Szekely.
List of Students


Project Description

Using the class Web server


What Grade Due Date
Final Exam 25% Finals week
Midterm Exam 15% March 6
Project -- software 20% April 10
Project -- software presentation 5% April 10
Project -- task analysis FAQ 10% Feb 6
Project -- paper design 10% Feb 27
Project -- usability study waiver form FAQ 10% April 24
Project -- usability study presentation 5% April 24


Jan 9

Introduction, project description

Chapters 1, 2

Lecture Notes (Frank)

Jan 16

Conceptual design

Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7

Don Norman book

Lecture Notes (Szekely)

Jan 23

Conceptual design (continued)

Task Analysis assignment given. FAQ

Lecture Notes (Szekely)

Jan 30

Conceptual design (continued)

Lecture Notes (Frank)

Feb 6

Web-based interfaces (Szekely)

Task Analysis assignment due FAQ

Feb 13

Design notations

Chapters 11, 13, 14

Lecture Notes (Frank)

Paper Design assignment given.

Feb 20

Graphic design

Chapter 15

Lecture Notes (Szekely)

Feb 27

Interaction styles

Chapter 12

Lecture Notes (Frank)

Paper Design assignment due

Mar 6

Midterm (Szekely)

Mar 13

Spring Break (no class)

Mar 20

Interface analysis and evaluation

Chapters 8, 9

Lecture Notes (Frank)

Mar 27

Guest lecture (cancelled!)

Apr 3

Usability studies

Chapter 10

Lecture Notes (Frank)

Apr 10

Student project presentations (Szekely)

Usability assignment given Waiver Form

Apr 17

HCI research directions (Szekely)

Apr 24

Student usability study presentations (Frank)

Usability assignment due

May 1

Final (Frank)

From what we can tell from the schedule of classes, the final will be 7pm-9pm, presumably in our usual classroom.